Downunder Insurance

An excellent choice for covering backpacking trips and working holidays, Downunder Insurance is one of the leading insurers in the budget travel market. This page outlines their Backpacker Policy's main features, with a convenient direct comparison with another popular choice, World Nomads, so you can decide which is the policy for you.

Policy Benefits

The following table compares and contrasts the features of the Downunder Insurance backpacker policy with that of World Nomads, Lonely Planet's recommended backpacking insurance provider. To compare policy costs, simply select the area of the world to which you wish to travel and the length of your trip below and click "Calculate" for an on-the-fly, no obligation quote.

  DownUnder WorldNomads
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Length of trip
Policy Excess Variable (60-100) 50
Medical Coverage Up to 2,000,000 3,000,000
Personal Effects Up to 1,000
Single Item Limit - 100
Valuables - 100
Money - 200 (100 cash)
Up to 1,250
Single Item Limit - 100
Valuables - 400
Money - None
Personal Liability Up to 2,000,000 2,000,000
(N/A whilst working/driving)
Age Limit 55 60
Notes Australia & New Zealand policy additionally covers you for up to 25% of your trip spent worldwide (e.g. stopovers in Asia/America, or trips to Pacfic island nations) Lonely Planet's recommended travel insurance supplier.
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The DownUnder Insurance backpacker policy offers good value and adequate coverage for a budget traveller, and is especially suited for those off to Australia and New Zealand on working holidays (e.g. fruit picking) who also want to be covered on stopovers on the way there/back.

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